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While it is always recommended that you use one of the professional video production companies in Johannesburg, that is not always possible with a limited budget. So as part of a collection of documents and videos, intended to provide high quality learning, you will find some of the industry secrets as well as tips and tricks to turn a normal video into a mind blowing super marketing video! Some of the ideas as as simple as good lighting and good sound, which may seem basic but can be as important , if not more important than the fancy video tricks.

In these pages you will find how video production companies are able to make video look like cinema and how advertising video is very different to any other kind. Although photography is a very different and separate field of expertise, the way that photographers look at an image or composition can be very helpful when putting together a corporate video or marketing video. The reason for this is that composition in video is very similar to photography. It is only when the camera moves that this changes. If the camera is stationary, the same rules of photography apply such the rule of thirds.

It must be stated though that as much as tips and tricks are great for a quick fix, they is no substitute for learning and years of experience. Videographers or cinematographers, although originally seen simply as cameramen, are now in fact as skilled as highly qualified photographers and some cases even more skilled as they have often mastered the art of photography and video.

So before you run off with a few tricks up your sleeve, remember that video is a combination of art and skill. This can not be achieved overnight. Years of training and insight from experience will bring the best results. That said, lets get into the meat and potatoes of this topic.

Firstly when video production companies put together a corporate video, there often has been some sort of preparation which will show how the production should proceed which includes some sort of brief and even a story board. This however is not the case in low budget situations where companies are looking for a high quality but low priced video to use as marketing for their small to medium sized company. Sadly many small business do not appreciate the amount of information is need to put the video together, so it is often left not only to the video production company but in fact to the videographer to not only shoot the video but come up with the concept, choose appropriate shots, music, sound design, effects, and voice over for the entire production.This effectively turns a low budget project into a high end marketing launch without the giant price tag. Some may say that it is wrong to expect such high end service for a low end price tag but that is often how it works.

To make this happen though the videographer will need very specialized tools. These include things like , slider, jib, dolly, and a range of lenses. It does not matter how skilled and educated you are in the art of video, without these tools, the end result will be above average at best and never be excellent. What makes video different from photography is not only that the pictures move but that the camera can move too. When most people watch movies, they take for granted that the camera will move, creating a Hollywood movie type experience but when they shoot the videos themselves they either have the camera on a stationary tripod or in wobbly hands. Although a photographer can produce astonishingly good photographs with a basic camera and tripod, this is not the case for video. The reason why films are so expensive is not just because of the actors and sets but because the equipment and people needed to create the moving camera and lighting environment is enormous. Although you don't need most of that for a basic company video, it is important to manage expectations when putting together a budget corporate video. Where a good set of lights and mini jib and slider can replicate a crew, it is important to know that the results will be different. As a list goes the route to take in collecting equipment is as follows:

1) Camera Body and basic lens 2) Lenses Fixed focal length as well as wide angle (telephoto not as important) 3) Lighting Interview VS Set light and Backdrops 4) Microphones Cordless lapel mic, shotgun and studio mics 5) Slider 1 to 1.5 meter for most occasions. 6) Jib Mini jib between 2 and 3 meters is best 7) Dolly Most expensive accessory

These types of equipment are available in a range of sizes, types and prices for independent videographers and video production companies in Johannesburg. If you intend doing a DIY corporate video production for a marketing video, you will need these things and know how to use them. Before we get to these great devices and the tricks that make video magic, there are some important basics which need to be adhered to in order for this to make sense.

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